Thursday, December 10, 2015

Big Surf?

Laguna Beach: From The Steps At Rock Pile BeachI'm down at Main Beach to find out. We're a South to Southwest facing beach so we may miss the worse of the big surf.

Photo coming up soon.

Update: 9 AM: As you can see I'm back from Main Beach and Heisler Park. The reason for this photo is because its been a while since I've seen these rocks at Rock Pile Beach.

Go down there at high tide and listen to the rocks as they move around when the tides goes in and out.

01:26 AM 1.83 feet Low Tide
05:51 AM Moonrise
06:44 AM Sunrise
07:46 AM 6.02 feet High Tide
02:53 PM -0.56 feet Low Tide
04:36 PM Moonset
04:43 PM Sunset
209:12 PM 3.85 feet High Tide

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