Saturday, October 17, 2015

Laguna Beach Plein Air Painting Invitational Starts Today

Laguna Beach: Plein-Air PaintingFor the complete schedule go here.


12:31 AM 3.61 feet High Tide
05:13 AM 2.32 feet Low Tide
06:57 AM Sunrise
11:02 AM Moonrise
11:38 AM 5.13 feet High Tide
06:15 PM Sunset
07:00 PM 0.72 feet Low Tide
09:44 PM Moonset


  1. Steve S.12:02 PM

    I like this photo, in the way that you captured a row of plein-air painters at once. With all the postures, shadows and lighting of the people in this photo, it almost lends the look of a impressionist style painting.
    Also, welcome back John and glad to see you posting!

    1. Thanks Steve. I took the picture a while back at Crystal Cove. I've used it more than once and YES I like it too.