Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Only Place To Keep Cool

Laguna Beach: The Only Cool Place In Laguna - In The WaterWhen I got off the boardwalk to go down to take this photo I tested the temperature of the sand. Very hot. No one who was bare foot was just standing around in this sand.They stood in the shade of an umbrella or at the edge of the surf. Everyone else was in the water.

It reach only 89 yesterday.

Be cooler today and for the next few days.

03:30 AM 0.31 feet Low Tide
06:00 AM Moonrise
06:32 AM Sunrise
09:41 AM 4.92 feet High Tide
03:30 PM 1.16 feet Low Tide
06:47 PM Moonset
07:02 PM Sunset
09:31 PM 5.45 feet High Tide
11:42 PM New Moon

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