Thursday, September 03, 2015

The Umbrella That Held Up A Roof

Laguna Beach: The Umbrella That Held Up A RoofAm I spending to much time on the Festival Of Arts? Maybe but then again all that I have shown you no longer exists. Well almost all. Give it another month and it will be ALL gone forever.

And for another thing I've wanted to photograph that funny umbrella for some time but either forgot . . . OK lets stay with forgot but finally on Tuesday morning I remembered in time and took this photo.

What else in Laguna will be gone in a year? Maybe the house you live in, the local store you shop at or the nearby restaurant you enjoy most on a Friday after work.

And then it's off to Newport Beach or Dana Point (Heaven forbid.) because that favorite store or restaurant is gone.

Where do you buy an auto part in a hurry? Where to see that latest movie? Not in Laguna Beach.

OK that is enough for today.

01:12 AM 4.29 feet High Tide
06:26 AM Sunrise
06:54 AM 1.46 feet Low Tide
11:53 AM Moonset
01:25 PM 5.51 feet High Tide
07:14 PM Sunset
08:23 PM 0.88 feet Low Tide
11:00 PM Moonrise

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