Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Obagi Building

Laguna Beach: Obagi BuildingWhen I woke up this morning (Good thing) it was raining (Good thing.) But I have several open windows (Good Thing) because I hate air-conditioning (Bad thing.) Rain and open windows means something is going to get wet (Bad thing.) Sure enough part of the bed was wet (Bad thing.)

But it was raining, real good heavy rain.

Good thing.

04:37 AM 1.00 feet Low Tide
06:34 AM Sunrise
08:39 AM Moonrise
10:51 AM 5.09 feet High Tide
05:05 PM 1.01 feet Low Tide
06:58 PM Sunset
08:24 PM Moonset
11:09 PM 4.60 feet High Tide

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