Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Main Beach Without The Crowds

Laguna Beach: Main Beach Without The CrowdsThe Summer season is over. But Summer isn't over until September 22. What dowes this mean? I have no idea.

It's just a thought.

PS: The photo wasn't taken on Labor Day but several days prior. I'm not going downtown on a national holiday and hunt for a parking space just to get one photo. No way. I will be going down to Main Beach first thing Tuesday morning. I want to check out its condition.

01:24 AM 0.20 feet Low Tide
02:24 AM Moonrise
06:30 AM Sunrise
07:54 AM 4.28 feet High Tide
01:09 PM 2.11 feet Low Tide
04:21 PM Moonset
07:07 PM Sunset
07:08 PM 5.50 feet High Tide

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