Monday, August 31, 2015

That's All Folks!

Laguna Beach: Laguna Cinemas ClosesThis was a grab shot I took as I was walking to the Festival of Arts to photograph the activities at night. Didn't know they were closing down for good. Regency Theatres has decided to end the theater's long run. It first opened in 1922.

Here's the story in the LA Times. I haven't found the article at but it's on page 4 of the State section. When I manage to locate the story online is will update this post.

Update: Here's the story in the Coastline Pilot dated August 28, 2015. I guess had I been reading our local paper I would have known about the closing BEFORE it happened. Lesson learned? I don't think so.

Here's the story in the OC Register.

When I say grab shot I mean I didn't care if it turned out OK. Considering the historic value, if I had only known, I would have tried for something better. But the shock of it all fits the photo perfectly.

Every year we seem to lose a unique business. Last year it was the auto parts store. Now the movie house is gone. Maybe. The whole business happened so quickly it's too soon to know what will happen to the theater.

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  1. Steve S.5:42 PM

    That's a real shame. I can remember standing in line with friends in front of that same ticket booth in your picture, paying for a ticket to see many movies through the 1960's.