Sunday, July 12, 2015

Monarch Butterfly, Where Art Thou?

Laguna Beach: One Lone ButterflyYes somewhere in all those wild flowers that grace the front of our library is a lone Monarch Butterfly. 6 decades back we would have thousands* of these butterflys in our neighborhood in Burbank. Now we freak out if we see one. Actually there were three Monarchs but only one would settle down for a photo-op.

Yes I know you can't see the Monarch but I can. The Monarch is just below and to the right of the white daisy in the upper center of the photo.

01:59 AM -0.21 feet Low Tide
03:03 AM Moonrise
05:50 AM Sunrise
08:15 AM 3.69 feet High Tide
01:05 PM 1.88 feet Low Tide
05:08 PM Moonset
07:28 PM 6.22 feet High Tide
08:03 PM Sunset

*Yes thousands. One friend had probably that many popping out of their shells from the three or four trees in their backyard. It was really something and I'm now glad I was around to see it.

Reference: The Monarch Butterfly.

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