Friday, May 15, 2015

Pirate Code Inside LagunaBeat

Laguna Beach: Festival Landscape WallThis morning I found that LagunaBeat had been pirated by a website call "Go Garden Club." I think I found the offending code.

I believe the bad code was coming from a site called "Sitemeter." I have removed their code and it appears the problem has been solved. I think it has. You never know with this stuff.

If you scroll down to the last bit of info in the right side of the page and you see the Sitemeter graphic then close out the LagunaBeat page and then reopen it. It should be gone. No more Sitemeter.

If it was the Sitemeter code then this is the third time Sitemeter has caused problems. The first time it brought down complete web sites. The second time was after a relaunch with all new code. It was a wreck and the old code had to be re-installed at the Sitemeter site. If Sitemeter was being used to autolink LagunaBeat to this other site then I'm done with them. I may be done with them anyway.

The photo is the a new wall at the festival grounds that faces the street. From inside the festival grounds the wall appears to be an extension of the hills across the street. The process of creating the wall involved layering in various colors of of "dry cement." How much water is mixed into the cement during installation I have no idea. Whatever the process it is a totally cool wall. And it should be a better sound blocker from all the noise coming from Laguna Canyon Rd. The old fence was a big zero for sound blocking.

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