Sunday, May 24, 2015

Picnic Beach - Not Crowded

Laguna Beach: Picnic BeachI traveled down to Main Beach a 3:30PM expecting to see large crowds. I found a parking space on Mermaid. In fact there were several spaces available on Mermaid. The crowds weren't downtown and they weren't at the beach. I walked the length of Heisler Park. Small crowds there too.

I just can’t believe that so many visitors to Laguna Beach left early.

Earlier in the year when we had overcast skies everyday and we still had large crowds. So on such a beautiful day we have small crowds is hard to believe.

One thing I did appreciate was the young officers controlling traffic downtown. It made a big difference.

Photo: Picnic Beach

12:30 AM Moonset
01:50 AM 4.03 feet High Tide
05:45 AM Sunrise
09:17 AM 0.50 feet Low Tide
11:52 AM Moonrise
04:36 PM 3.75 feet High Tide
07:51 PM Sunset
10:03 PM 2.59 feet Low Tide

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