Friday, May 08, 2015

City May Close Forest Ave

Laguna Beach: Forest AveHere's the details in the Coastline Pilot. What really got me laughing was their number one concern - LOSING 48 parking spaces.

Do you know how many parking spaces go unused in the Glenneyre parking structure? Didn't think you did.One consequence of closing Forest Ave will putting all that traffic onto Eiler and then you will have a bunch of entitled people making left turns onto Glenneyre to get back to Forest Ave. What a mess that will be. Good luck everyone.

And of course there is no left turn from the south bound PCH onto Ocean Ave. I bet plenty of entitled folks will try anyway.

I sure hope they do close Forest Ave then again I never shop or walk Forest Ave. anyway and I bet the shop owners will just put a bunch of obstructions into the street and make walking Forest Ave ever tougher.

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  1. Steve S.12:32 PM

    It'll be like Main Street Disneyland.