Thursday, May 07, 2015

Cinco De Mayo And The Tres Amigos

Laguna Beach: Cinco De Mayo And The Tres AmigosI know Cinco De Mayo was last Tuesday. These three are not easy to photograph but the added hats for Cinco De Mayo actually helps. You can't get a photo showing all three because of their relative positions. The position of the Sun, no matter what time of day doesn't help. Then the background is not good. That it is an abstract sculpture and I sometimes have difficulty knowing which way any of the three are facing just adds to the problem. The placement of the art in the middle of a bunch of plants doesn't help. And they're elevated just adds to the pain.

If I have confused you with all the gibberish then you know how I feel trying to get a proper photo of this piece of art.

I just can't believe the hats help but they do!

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