Sunday, May 31, 2015

Beets I Know The Rest Maybe

Laguna Beach: Beets I Know The Rest MaybeI grew up in the city. Not Laguna but a real city, Burbank, CA. Or sometimes called Hollywood East. No farms near our city. I know beets but only from the can. Fresh not so much. The rest of the stuff in the picture I might know but I'm not about to totally give away my vegetable IQ. It's not all that high.

I do like it that many of the vegetable and fruit stands have their own farms. Corona Farms is one. They've been coming to the Laguna Farmers Market for years. When I buy I like to go to their stand first and early.

The photo doesn't show the Corona Farm's stand. It was too busy to get a good photo.

02:57 AM -0.13 feet Low Tide
04:28 AM Moonset
05:42 AM Sunrise
09:03 AM 3.65 feet High Tide
02:07 PM 1.51 feet Low Tide
06:11 PM Moonrise
07:56 PM Sunset
08:29 PM 5.74 feet High Tide

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