Wednesday, April 08, 2015

What The ****

Laguna Beach: Rule of East ParkingstanThis information was provided by the Visit Laguna Beach web site. I never knew there was so many variables.
Parking Meters: Daily metered street parking is available and enforced from 8:00am to 7:00pm. Credit cards and quarters are accepted at all parking meters. Meters are $1.50 per hour city-wide, except in Heisler Park where they are $2.50 per hour. Most meters have a 3-hour limit. There are 10-hour parking meters available for $1.50 per hour: 127 10-hour meters located in the 100-200 blocks of Cliff Drive (between Broadway Street and North Coast Highway), 12 10-hour meters on Park Avenue (between Glenneyre and Catalina), and Laguna Canyon Road and Frontage Road also have 10-hour meters.
Please note: if there is a time restriction on a meter, you must move your car to a new spot once you have reached the limit, you may not re-feed that meter.
Handicap Parking: If you have a handicap placard, you may park in an on-street metered parking space without having to pay (for up to 72 hours). However, you must pay to park in a regular, non-handicap space in the city parking lots.
It should also be mentioned that the free parking during the off season in the lot next to the civic center on Laguna Canyon Road has been reduced to spaces 300-422. Spaces 187-228 cost $3.00 per day. I usually refer to this lot as East Parkingstan.

Are all these parking rules confusing enough for you? If not I will attend the next City Council meeting and ask them to make all the parking rules a little more confusing. Like varying the hours of paying.

Also the FREE in the photo is probably the last remnants of the Socialist Republic of Laguna Beach.

PS: You can substitute any four letter word in the title.

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