Wednesday, April 22, 2015

They Just Took It And Used It Without Permission AGAIN

See Update Below.

The web site, who I suspect has plenty of money, just took one of my photos off the website and used it on their web site.

Here is the link:

Yes that is MY picture at Gave me credit or gave Laguna Beat credit but no link to the web site. Everyone else mentioned on that page got a link, even the author, bless her, but no link for little me.

I complained in the comments and now they're giving me a link. How sweet of them.

So next time you ask Though I suspect there'll never be a next time. That's OK by me.

PS: I would put a picture up here but I'm afraid would steal it.

This is what they give me:---photo by John Krill of Laguna Beach Beat

Lets see: It's not Laguna Beach Beat It's LagunaBeat and where is the link!!!

Update: April 22, 2015: It appears that they removed the photo from this page but they now have another of my photos at another page on this web site.

The link for this photo is: It's about halfway down the page. Here is the page at LagunaBeat where this photo was first published.

Update: That was quick. The sculpture photo has been replaced already. Good to know SOMEONE is on the ball.

That doesn't mean I will not stop checking that nasty web site for more stolen photos.


  1. Hi John, I wanted to comment with regard to the above post. As mentioned in our correspondence, we had included a photo credit at the time of posting your photo, stating "Laguna Beat" at the end of the blog post. You had brought it to our attention that you would like to have your name included, which we gladly added immediately and apologized for the initial oversight. You will notice that the only links included in our blog posts are to visitor-serving member businesses. We always strive to bring accurate information to our readers and will continue to work diligently to do so. Per your request your photo has been removed and we will be sure to refrain from utilizing any of your photos in the future. In the future, please contact us directly via phone or email before defaming the character of our organization on your blog. Thank you for your understanding.

    1. First the name at the bottom of the post wasn't Laguna Beat but Laguna Beach Beat. My name was already in the post just before Laguna Beach Beat. Also the credit for the photo should be BELOW the photo not at the end of the post.

      I only asked you to remove the photo AFTER I asked you to give proper credit and the link which you never replied to and didn't do anyway.

      All this doesn't even matter because you NEVER got permission to use the photo in the first place. If you had I would have told you I require a link to Laguna Beat and the credit is ALWAYS below the photo.

      Next time you use someone's photo get permission first.

      I realize you stated in the above comment you would "refrain from utilizing any of your photos in the future." Would that be because you would have to ASK first and you just can't be bothered.