Thursday, April 16, 2015

Temple Hills Dr Sidewalk Extension

Laguna Beach: Meeting For Temple Hills Sidewalk Extension
The City of Laguna Beach Public Works Department is seeking to engage with the public and gather input on a proposed new sidewalk extending from the terminus of the existing sidewalk at Dunning Drive up to Palm Drive. The City encourages anyone with questions or concerns regarding the proposed project to participate in the public workshop.

That's what the meeting was supposed to be about. Instead all I heard was a lot of complaining and crying about losing street parking along Temple Hills Dr.

Sorry folks but that's what your driveway and garage are for. If parking is a problem for you then why did you buy a house on Temple Hills Dr?

One important factor was no private property would be taken to complete the sidewalk. So if you live along Temple Hills Dr and you think the city is taking your property to build the sidewalk you best get a surveyor to determine where your property line exists. You just may find out you are intruding on city property.

Even with all the complaining about street parking the vast majority wanted the sidewalk.

The crying and complaining got so bad that I let after 45 minutes.

About the photo: The sad looking fellow on the right was the moderator for the workshop. His name is Tom Sandefur, P.E. He is the city's civil engineer on this project.

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