Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cycle Jerks

Laguna Beach: Cycle JerkI don't think any explanation is necessary. These cycle jerks want us lowly humans to keep three feet from them but they can't obey the simple rule of NO CYCLE JERKS ON THE SIDEWALKS! I have to yell it or they ignore all requests to get off the sidewalk.

Next time you're walking the sidewalk or the boardwalk don't let these cycle jerks ride on past. Yell at them. Really yell.

Something like: "Get the F**K off my sidewalk you F**King JERKS!

They'll probably still ignore you but if enough of us yell just maybe they will get off our sidewalks.

Just maybe.

Jim found it necessary to put the copyright notice into the photo after one of my photos found it's way onto the visit laguna beach web site without my permission.

Can't blame him.

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