Friday, March 27, 2015

The Round Tree

Laguna Beach: The Round TreeHow many times have I walked this street and passed this tree?

And never really saw it.

It's round.

How in the name of tree trimming do they do that?

It's not just round but almost perfectly round.

I need answers people.

I was going to post a picture showing all, mostly all, the crappy palm trees in Heisler Part.

But this is way better.

12:43 AM First Quarter
01:51 AM Moonset
03:42 AM 4.29 feet High Tide
06:46 AM Sunrise
11:27 AM 0.40 feet Low Tide
12:36 PM Moonrise
06:28 PM 3.39 feet High Tide
07:08 PM Sunset
11:21 PM 2.40 feet Low Tide


  1. Steve S.8:37 PM

    I would venture to say that they're using a "bucket truck"; ones like the lineman use to be able to trim that round tree. Just as interesting, is that contorted tree to the right of your picture in parking lot planter.

    1. That's what I was photographing. I didn't notice the round tree until I got home and was viewing the images.

      It's not so much the equipment but getting it so round. I would have liked to see the work being done to get an idea of their methods.