Friday, January 30, 2015

You Really Suck At Stopping

Tomorrow the Laguna Beach Police are doing one of their focus on crosswalk safety efforts where they watch for motorists who make illegal U-turns and fail to yield to pedestrians at intersections that have a history of pedestrian-involved collisions, according to a news release. [Coastline Pilot]

So I wanted to get a picture of a motorist going through a crosswalk while some poor slob is trying to cross the street. Believe me when I say it's too easy. I stopped to talk to a friend and I must have missed 3 or 4 photo opportunities. Then I decided to cross the street myself and BAM here comes a pickup right at me as I'm IN the crosswalk. He just kept going and flew right past me. To make matters worst there was a Laguna Beach Police vehicle right behind the pickup and they stopped but I didn't see them make any effort to go after the pickup once I was clear of the crosswalk. They just traveled down PCH at a normal speed with no flashers. I can only guess that they decided to wait until tomorrow.

Below is the sequence of the event. They're not the best shots, after all I was backing up in fear of my life. Really! In the last photo you can just make out the Laguna Beach Police vehicle.

Chevy Extended Cab, CA Lic: 6G89995

Laguna Beach: You Suck At DrivingLaguna Beach: You Suck At DrivingLaguna Beach: You Suck At DrivingLaguna Beach: You Suck At Driving

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