Sunday, December 28, 2014

What Have They Done To The Cottage?

Laguna Beach: Cottage RestaurantTides:
02:33 AM 4.84 feet High Tide
06:54 AM Sunrise
09:01 AM 1.70 feet Low Tide
10:32 AM First Quarter
11:40 AM Moonrise
02:31 PM 3.58 feet High Tide
04:51 PM Sunset
08:38 PM 0.95 feet Low Tide


  1. Steve S.9:53 AM

    The Cottage's latest entry on their Facebook page was last June 6th. Maybe funding, permit or contractor issues?

  2. I used to work there... many moons ago! I'm glad they've kept the Pagoda look and just remodeled the inside. Can't wait to get back to US to check it out.