Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wall Directly At The Curb

Laguna Beach: Wall Directly At The CurbThis photo of the rendering of the house planned for 1387 Cerritos has a wall that is directly at the curb. Are we giving up on sidewalks even for NEW construction? And are we giving up on setbacks at the street. Why not just let everyone build their dam house right at the curb and stop all the pretense?

Just wondering.

PS: The photo is stapled to a post that's at least 10 feet down a slippery slop so it isn't easy for anyone walking past to see what exactly is being built. Also the pictured is stapled to the post near the ground so standing on a slippery slop you have to kneel down to get a good look at the rendering.

How about someone in authority telling the owner to put the rendering near the street so everyone can view it.

Good luck with that request.

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