Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Lifeguard Stands Being Stored For The Winter

Laguna Beach: Lifeguard Stands Being Stored For The WinterI'm still not used to the view without the restrooms. The photo was taken from a position that would have been just above the old restrooms. To get this photo in the past I would have been at the top of the bluff. That is no longer necessary.

03:17 AM 0.38 feet Low Tide
03:50 AM Full Moon
06:51 AM Sunrise
07:03 AM Moonset
09:28 AM 6.28 feet High Tide
03:57 PM -0.38 feet Low Tide
06:26 PM Sunset
06:47 PM Moonrise
10:08 PM 5.23 feet High Tide

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