Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Cottage Remodel

Laguna Beach: Cottage Remodel BeforeNot so much a remodel as a complete rehab. The place was gutted inside and outside. The before photo was taken in November 2011 and I had no idea they were planning to restore the little cottage. I should have known since the front house had just completed it's own rehab.

Laguna Beach: Cottage RemodelTides:
04:28 AM 3.36 feet High Tide
06:45 AM Sunrise
08:17 AM 2.94 feet Low Tide
12:33 PM First Quarter
01:38 PM Moonrise
02:59 PM 4.80 feet High Tide
06:35 PM Sunset
10:48 PM 0.69 feet Low Tide

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