Friday, October 03, 2014

Coming Soon?

Laguna Beach: At The CottageYou have to wonder what their definition of 'Soon' is.

a : at once : immediately
b : without undue time lapse
c : in a prompt manner

The owners of the building hoped to open in December 2014. What do you think? Me, I think no way.

I don't think anything is coming anytime SOON to this restaurant. I hope this doesn't become another drop-out similar to the empty site on Ocean Ave.

Not to change the subject but we already have one closed restaurant in the area. The Royal Hawaiian hasn't found another group willing to pay the very high monthly lease costs.

01:26 AM Moonset
06:32 AM 4.19 feet High Tide
06:47 AM Sunrise
11:50 AM 2.31 feet Low Tide
03:17 PM Moonrise
05:48 PM 5.17 feet High Tide
06:33 PM Sunset

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