Sunday, August 03, 2014

Give Us Back Our Sidewalks

Laguna Beach: Give Us Back Our SidewalksLaguna Beach is not the only beach town with a parking problem. But both Avila Beach, pictured here, and Laguna Beach have another problem in common. They both work hard to reduce sidewalk usefulness. That is they add parking signs and trash cans as shown above. Here in Laguna Beach we add parking meters and trees. Planters that extend from buildings onto the sidewalks is a problem in downtown Laguna Beach.

All these intrusions make walking our sidewalks a challenge. Many places are barely wide enough for single file walking traffic.

All this to make life easier for the auto. The City of Laguna Beach is always praising itself for adding more and more parking spaces but they have never made an effort to make it easier to WALK our town.

02:28 AM 3.17 feet High Tide
06:05 AM Sunrise
07:54 AM 1.89 feet Low Tide
01:07 PM Moonrise
03:14 PM 4.72 feet High Tide
05:50 PM First Quarter
07:49 PM Sunset
10:44 PM 1.70 feet Low Tide

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