Sunday, July 20, 2014

Troy Poesch's Sculpture 'Embrace' Unveiled

Laguna Beach: Troy Poeschl's Sculpture EmbraceTroy Poeschl's Sculpture Embrace was unveiled yesterday afternoon.
This From CAP: Two shapes entwined together weathering time ~ Troy's brilliantly formed sculpture consists of seemingly simple yet complicated forms of metal and wood. Made of buckeye burl and copper-plated steel, the piece has movement from all angles and takes into consideration the effect of weathering that will occur during its two years of display.
One Point: A two-dimensional photo doesn't do justice to a three-dimensional sculpture. You need to go down to the Wells Fargo building and view it in person.

01:04 AM Moonrise
05:51 AM 3.25 feet High Tide
05:55 AM Sunrise
10:49 AM 1.95 feet Low Tide
02:52 PM Moonset
05:32 PM 5.48 feet High Tide
07:59 PM Sunset

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