Monday, June 30, 2014

Out The Window

Laguna Beach: Out The WindowThis is not the main room of the Lifeguard Headquarters. That room is directly next to this one. If you're looking at the building out front then the main control center for the Lifeguard Headquarter is the southwest corner of the building.

Problem was I couldn't photograph the main control center. They said there was proprietary software running on the computers and we couldn't photograph them. No problem. Went next door where the computers were off and photographed from there. That's the above photo.

Only problem with this policy was that some photographer did photograph the main control center and that photo shows the computers on and the software on the monitors. The photo wasn't taken during the open-house but during normal working hours. So what is going on? I have no idea.

And if YOU can read what's on the screens then give me a heads up and tell me.

So if you want to see what the rest of us photographers couldn't photograph then follow this link: The Laguna Beach Independent.

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