Friday, May 09, 2014

New Lifeguard Headquarters Nears Completion

Laguna Beach: New Lifeguard Headquarters Nears Completion

Lifeguard Headquarters And Public Restrooms

The project is nearly complete and the deliberate process of creating an operational facility is underway. Lifeguard dispatchers and command staff have been operating in the building while the final elements of the building interior are being installed. This early move in allowed the temporary headquarters facility to be removed from the park two weeks ago. The public restrooms were opened on May 5, 2014 so that the temporary public restrooms could be removed that night. The area of the park that the restrooms occupied is being renovated with new sod at this time. The contractor is now installing the sidewalks and landscaping in that area which should be completed next week. The landscaping, stonework, and railings for the pathway to Heisler Park should be completed by May 15, 2014. Immediately after the new stairway is opened, the temporary concrete access stairway to Heisler Park can be removed and the area landscaped which is the final phase of the project.

Main Beach Lift Station Control Systems Completed

The final task to complete the installation of the Main Beach Lift Station was completed late last week. The lift station operated for about 18 months with the control systems sited in a temporary location outside of the Lifeguard Headquarters. The control panel and power systems were relocated to the permanent location within the protection of a small utility room within the Lifeguard Headquarters. The transition took about 16 straight hours of procedures by a team comprised of city staff, electrical contractors, and control system experts. The move went smoothly as planned, all testing passed, and operations are fully functional.

Both reports from the City. 

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