Thursday, April 10, 2014

Memorial Point

Laguna Beach: Memorial PointRumbling felt along Southern California coast likely caused by supersonic aircraft: Los Angeles Times | April 9, 2014 | 5:16 PM
The mystery over rumbling along the Los Angeles and Orange County coast that many believed was an earthquake appears to have actually been caused by a supersonic Navy flight.

The U.S. Navy confirmed an aircraft flew faster than the speed of sound as part of an exercise with the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier about 50 miles off the coast this afternoon.

The sonic boom at around 1 p.m. was felt across a wide area, from Malibu to Orange County. Many assumed it was an earthquake, but Caltech seismologists said they did not record any earth movement.

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01:16 AM 1.61 feet Low Tide
03:40 AM Moonset
06:27 AM Sunrise
07:00 AM 4.20 feet High Tide
01:32 PM 0.42 feet Low Tide
03:18 PM Moonrise
07:18 PM Sunset
07:54 PM 4.26 feet High Tide

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