Sunday, April 13, 2014

A View No Longer

Laguna Beach: A View No LongerThis was in June 2012 and you can no longer take a picture and get this view. When the new Lifeguard headquarters is complete the steps to Heisler Park would have changed and the view will change again.

Better? Worse? No just different. And I can't get away with using photos from years past without the difference being noticed.

And I can't wait for the new view.

02:54 AM 0.30 feet Low Tide
05:20 AM Moonset
06:23 AM Sunrise
08:55 AM 4.47 feet High Tide
02:50 PM 0.49 feet Low Tide
06:06 PM Moonrise
07:21 PM Sunset
09:03 PM 5.18 feet High Tide

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