Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Wildness In The Middle Of Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach: Wildness In The Middle Of Laguna BeachRim Rock Canyon

01:10 AM 4.88 feet High Tide
06:44 AM Sunrise
07:59 AM 1.24 feet Low Tide
10:23 AM Moonrise
01:43 PM 3.17 feet High Tide
05:26 PM Sunset
07:16 PM 1.50 feet Low Tide

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  1. Steve S.12:19 PM

    Believe it or not, when I was young, I think almost 7 yrs-old, my family and me got lost in this canyon. It was one day back in 1965 in the early afternoon, my dad had taken my little brother, older sister and myself on a hike by way of accessing the end of Cerritos Drive. Through that afternoon we had wandered on the various trails from the down lower at the creek to the top where the sandstone caves are. As the day progressed, and being later than I guess my dad or any of us realized, we found ourselves lost while coming back as the sun was setting fast and we started to lose any sense of direction, at least as far as trails are concerned.

    Though being dark, we tried numerous trails to see if they would continue downward, we did finally manage to work our way back to Cerritos Drive just where we had started earlier. But not without going off trail in some cases and running into Cholla "jumping cactus" along the way and lots of poison oak, which wasn't very visible in the dark. It was definitely a memorable hike with a three week long poison oak rash for all of us to remember it by!

    So your title "Wildness In The Middle of Laguna Beach", is a very befitting title to me!