Friday, November 01, 2013

Wood's Cove

Laguna Beach: Wood’s CoveI need help in naming the two coves below Ruby Diamond St. steps. I was told the north cove is Wood's Cove and the south side of the steps was Lover's Cove.

Is this correct? If not what are the proper names?

Picture was taken from the Ruby Diamond St steps looking towards the north cove. Wood's Cove?

note: As you can see from the strikeouts I had my streets messed up. It wasn't Ruby I was taking the photo from but Diamond St. My apologies to those who tried to help me.

01:46 AM 1.09 feet Low Tide
05:13 AM Moonrise
07:10 AM Sunrise
08:05 AM 5.80 feet High Tide
02:43 PM 0.02 feet Low Tide
04:50 PM Moonset
05:58 PM Sunset
08:48 PM 4.48 feet High Tide


  1. Steve S.9:54 AM

    I think the cove to the South of Ruby St. is actually called "Moss Cove" or also known as Moss Beach. The beaches and coves to the North of Ruby St. has always been referred as "Wood's Cove". And just to the North of Wood's cove, the beach is called Agate Beach. A Laguna Beach City Engineer's map may show something different.

  2. Anonymous10:13 AM

    woods cove has two steps, south of the southside steps is lovers cove, north of the south steps is woods cove. cove south of lovers cove is moss cove.

    1. I only see TWO coves. Woods and Lovers. Moss I don't see from the south steps. Ruby St steps is the south steps.

  3. Anonymous7:12 PM

    i know i know, great beach.

    carry on keep posting