Sunday, November 10, 2013

Just Another Parking Lot

Laguna Beach: Just Another Parking LotThe owner's had hoped to build an artists live/work environment but the city in it's infinite weirdness turned down the design. The owners saw the writing in the weeds and put the property up for sale in May 2010.

No one wanted it. Maybe because the city was too difficult to work with.

Now the city has another parking lot. A useless space except in July and August.

Welcome to Laguna Beach.

03:47 AM 4.37 feet High Tide
06:18 AM Sunrise
09:28 AM 2.38 feet Low Tide
12:41 PM Moonrise
03:03 PM 4.38 feet High Tide
04:51 PM Sunset
09:53 PM 0.42 feet Low Tide

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