Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Oldest House In Laguna Showing It's Age

Laguna Beach: Pearl St House Showing It’s AgeLaguna Beach: Pearl St House Showing It’s AgeIn December 2010 this house was approved for renovation. Or we thought it was. Now it appears it's just waiting for rot to complete it's job and the structure just dies of old age.

Here's what it looked like in December 2010.

01:50 AM 0.36 feet Low Tide
04:36 AM Moonset
06:57 AM Sunrise
08:05 AM 5.71 feet High Tide
02:25 PM 0.33 feet Low Tide
04:54 PM Moonrise
06:16 PM Sunset
08:28 PM 5.10 feet High Tide


  1. Most of it was made with wood from a ship.