Sunday, July 28, 2013

Harrison Milanian Arrives At Main Beach, Laguna Beach, CA.

Laguna Beach: Harrison MilanianHarrison Milanian walked from Tampa Bay, Florida to the west coast for social change.
These days almost every American is in such a hurry to get to one place or another. The media and advertisements encourage materialistic views and support rushing around buying things that people don't actually need. If you spend even a few minutes in traffic you'll instantly realize that nearly all the cars around you are being operated by drivers who are stressed out and are probably running a few minutes late. Additionally, most people spend their lives indoors in front of computer monitors or television screens. That type of activity has its place but what is slipping away is outdoor recreational time which is essential to a person’s mental, physical and spiritual health. Let's get kids and their parents outside playing sports again instead of playing video games or watching television all day.
He arrived in Laguna beach, Ca. at noon on Sunday, July 29, 2013. He left Tampa Bay, Florida on May 6, 2013.

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