Thursday, June 20, 2013

Past Public Art

Laguna Beach: Past Public ArtThis piece was replaced by another historical sculpture. Can you name the new sculpture? And does anyone know what happened to this piece?

01:52 AM -0.25 feet Low Tide
03:04 AM Moonset
05:41 AM Sunrise
08:02 AM 3.49 feet High Tide
12:48 PM 1.69 feet Low Tide
05:16 PM Moonrise
07:22 PM 6.33 feet High Tide
08:04 PM Sunset


  1. Steve S.10:57 AM

    Is it called "Breaching Whale" by Jon Seeman?

    I think the sculpture in your photo is probably now in the back or side-yard of artist-sculpturer, Gerard Basil Stripling. It's called "Towards the Within" and according to City of Laguna Beach records, it was always considered a temporary sculpture slated to be removed in 2009, but left longer than intended.

    1. Nope. It isn't Breaching Whale. Though it is close to the whale. Remember I said historical.

      Try again.

  2. Steve S.2:19 PM

    "In Central Park" created in 1962 by Jerry Rothman?

    1. OK lets stop it now. The replacememt sculpture was the 911 Memorial at Memorial Point, at the East entrance to Memorial Point. Here's a picture of the sculpture: