Thursday, April 18, 2013

Asshole Of The Year, Calif Lic: 6V78720

Laguna Beach: Asshole Of The YearPulled a left turn into serval people crossing Broadway at PCH. We had the green as well as the WALK sign. As you can see he actually stopped, blocking the crosswalk, to try and explain himself. If you know me you know I didn't take that very well. Now he will be remembered forever.


Ford F150 Extended Cab, White, Calif Lic: 6V78720


  1. jeannie9:26 PM

    Good for you John. This jerk deserves to go down in history.

  2. Steve S.3:35 PM

    I'm sure his time and his safety is much more important than everyone else's that was crossing the sidewalk(sarcasm).
    What's possibly to 'explain' here?...That "I need to cut everyone off because I'm a really inconsiderate jerk". Rhetorically speaking, if it was an emergency, which is still a poor excuse to endanger people, why did he take the time stop the vehicle to either explain or confront you or someone else here? I don't blame you for being P.O.'d at this guy!

  3. jeannie3:25 PM

    "Free Range Rude" as Anthony Hopkins character once put it so brilliantly!