Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Broadway Improvements Started

Laguna Beach: Broadway ImprovementsBroadway improvements were started on Monday. One lane will be cloed to traffic and the sidewalk will be closed.

This means we ALL suffer! For a while anyway.


  1. Steve S.10:37 AM

    You definitely got that foreman or construction guy's attention.

    He's probably thinking; "Now what, am I going to get a complaint or be sued?".

    1. And that's why I take pictures. Because post-911 this country is gone totally paranoid!

      PS: The photo was taken Monday morning and they were just setting up. It does look like it's going to impact morning traffic. At Beach and Broadway you get the combination of Cliff Dr and Broadway and with just one lane it starts to backup BOTH streets past the Beach and Cliff lights.

  2. Steve S.7:04 PM

    Yep, everyone's paranoid, even of being approached with a simple question or general statement. People think everyone has an angle or should be suspect. It sucks now, but it doesn't stop me from approaching and talking to strangers and the socially awkward and inept. The poor souls are missing out on life!

    I guess the construction couldn't be done during the night due to "noise" as we know the history of what that can do. And weekends would likely be worse on this street I guess? Anyway, the look on this guy's face is precious!