Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Low Tide At Rock Pile

Laguna Beach: Low Tide At Rock PileTides:
03:02 AM 0.69 feet Low Tide
06:23 AM Sunrise
06:33 AM Moonset
09:05 AM 5.36 feet High Tide
03:28 PM -0.25 feet Low Tide
05:45 PM Sunset
07:00 PM Moonrise
09:44 PM 4.92 feet High Tide


  1. jeannie5:11 AM

    All I need to have with this photo is some sounds of the ocean. Nice shot!

    1. Thanks. Yes sound would be nice.

  2. John:
    So where's our very very well paid Marine Protection Officer? These people are stomping all over plants & critters awaiting the tide (ocean) returning. There was a recent column by a noteworthy biologist pointing this dynamic out.
    Oh, I forgot, the MPO is probably having coffee & cakes with Village Laguna, South Laguna Civic or one of their political shills. Mustn't let that patronizing ass-kissing to keep your job get in the way with the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA), now should we, hmmmm precious?
    Heisler Park (here) has been on the most highly protective, Area of Special Biological Significance (ASBS) State Marine Reserve list BEFORE it was included in the recent MLPA process. Or maybe those are some of our Laguna Ocean Foundation (LOF) docents, those trolls that destroy more than they preserve by dragging visitors along----But hey, the LOF also has big $$$ and the moral support of the same PACs. Ever wonder where all of the $$$ goes, 'cause they don't pay the docents squat!