Monday, January 21, 2013

Will It Still Be An Idle Construction Site? Updated

Laguna Beach: Idle HandsUpdate: Even though I spent all of the morning listening to NPR and the inaugural reports and during those reports they constantly mentioned MLK, and that it is his day, it still didn't sink in that today is a holiday. This means no work today. Check back tomorrow on the status of the noise complaint.

Has the noise complaint kept the construction dead in the water or will we get back to work? Only our City crazies know.

The steel, shown in the center of the photo, was being installed last week and caused the noise problems.

02:25 AM Moonset
05:08 AM 4.98 feet High Tide
06:53 AM Sunrise
12:46 PM 0.33 feet Low Tide
12:56 PM Moonrise
05:12 PM Sunset
07:17 PM 3.16 feet High Tide
11:32 PM 2.35 feet Low Tide


  1. Steve S.9:19 AM

    Yeah, this "down time" is also known in the contractor world as a "cost reimbursement" or "cost plus" contract. In other words, they're getting paid big bucks to wait and do absolutely nothing, because it's not their fault!

    This down time will likely be in the tens of thousands of dollars everyday for a project this size, this evident by just by looking at the equipment sitting there in the picture.... All for something they're going to end up doing in the near future anyway.

    1. Steve the photo was taken Friday. And yes there is no work being done today but it's not because of the complaint. It's MLK day. And it's a HOLIDAY.

      We will check again tomorrow.

      Stayed tuned. The Soap Opera continues.