Tuesday, January 15, 2013

the ‘Paint Me’ wall

Laguna Beach: the ‘Paint Me’ wallAny opinions on adding a painting to this wall? I would love to hear from you. Are you against it? If for it what would like to see?

05:20 AM 1.53 feet Low Tide
06:55 AM Sunrise
09:19 AM Moonrise
11:13 AM 4.93 feet High Tide
05:06 PM Sunset
05:52 PM -0.03 feet Low Tide
09:44 PM Moonset


  1. jeannie1:07 PM

    It is begging for a mural of the ocean.....sea birds.....? Maybe both!

  2. I agree with Jeannie...except I'd add this caveat, a cautionary tale about scammers and grifters:
    Anything showing natural habitat on that wall that doesn't promote commerce and is not done for greedy profit by the artist(s)ands/or a local merchant already filthy rich, like the Waterman's Wall on HOBIE downtown........The same icons/images are duplications, exact reproductions from the already-installed billboard elements @ HOBIE in Dana Point.
    A huge Hobie Alter on the wall of HOBIE is a business sign, the one in LB violates our sign ordinance---It's about 6 times what other downtown merchants would be allowed. Unless you're Mark Christy.
    The pelicans are minor secondary icons, the HOBIE ALTER sculpture a major one, it's an advertising campaign that adds logo extensions to the existing brand, it's sometimes called UPMARKETING or REPOSITIONING...it is NOT an homage, the scammers didn't donate their work, they made a bundle, they saw a potential cash cow.
    It's called "REBRANDING," a type of marking strategy that mature product lines pursue. GOOGLE it.
    The WW in Laguna is a bilk-board, tens of thousands of $$$ 'donated" went into the con artist & his agent's pockets. Mark now basically has a downtown landmark + surfwear monopoly.
    The LB installation was a result of solicitations that washed the tax deductible $$$ through a church non-profit under the agent's control. Tens of thousands of $$$ for a $25,000 install, using molds that were already used as advertising signs in DP. The LB wall wasn't original at all, it is a corporate franchise, multi-outlet scheme.
    Look for those same pelicans & especially a prominently placed HOBIE ALTER to go up on the remainder of outlets under Mark Christy's banner.
    I guess all businesses are NOT created equal in LB, if you contribute to political campaigns you are MORE equal.

  3. Steve S.10:05 AM

    That was a great post Roger. I like the way you pull the wool blanket 'down' from around many issues. I know that the Alter family has had a big influence in Laguna beach, that goes well back into the late 1950's and 60's. I remember Hobie Alter Jr. from my old Top of the World elementary days back in(I think)1968 right after the school was built.

    I do think that the Hobie family has contributed to Laguna's history and deserves an appropriate amount of notoriety, but I do object to preferences based on political clout and money by anyone. Laguna Beach has quite an amazing history, that is not just filled with artist painter's and surfer's. Laguna has a past filled with homesteaders, farmers and ranchers, theatrical plays, musicians, actors and outdoor movie set locations. It was also one of a few birth places of the peace movement of the 1960's.

    When I lived in Laguna during the 1960's, you didn't have to be financially well off to live there. There were definitely wealthy people that lived in Laguna back then, but at a much smaller percentage and I remember the wealthy and famous participated in the general community and did not isolate themselves so much. I realize that the fact that Laguna's real estates high costs and the very same political influence that we are speaking of has kept Laguna's population fairly stable for many years and has allowed an unprecedented amount of green space, that is rare for southern California. However, it's important to recognize what shaped Laguna Beach and how got to where it is today, or risk losing it's identity completely. Although I will probably never live in Laguna again, I do care about what happens what happens in one of the most beautiful cities in the World.

    As far as "murals" go I am not generally a big fan of them, unless they are very muted and fit well into the surroundings. Frankly speaking, I've seen more than I care to of unnaturally congregated marine animals bunched up inside of murals. However, I am quite surprised how clean the concrete retaining wall is in the photo.

  4. Anonymous3:40 PM

    I would enjoy seeing a mural of the downtown area in the 1920's - something that provides a tribute to the origins of the community. Too many landmarks have disappeared. Thank you!


  5. Anonymous7:44 PM

    I think you are all over - thinking this topic!