Sunday, January 20, 2013

Our View

Laguna Beach: On A Clear Day - SMOGTides:
01:32 AM Moonset
04:16 AM 4.78 feet High Tide
06:54 AM Sunrise
12:02 PM 0.75 feet Low Tide
12:14 PM Moonrise
05:11 PM Sunset
06:28 PM 2.92 feet High Tide
10:32 PM 2.35 feet Low Tide

1 comment:

  1. John:
    This one & the one below it are two of your finest, they're psych-a-freaking-delic, the blues are intense, very Adriatic or Aegean for those who've been there.
    I can't hear the noise from the LG HQ @ Main Beach down here in lower Victoria near Dizz's As Is. We just get questionably loud, roaring motorcycles & our per-usual weekly wreck at the PCH/Nyes signal.
    Speaking of which, what imbecile @ CalTrans didn't want us to be able to turn left onto Nyes going south if oncoming traffic permitted , when no one's headed north on PCH?
    You can only turn left when the short burst of the arrow allows. Allowing left turns if there's no oncoming would reduce bottlenecks and backups. Anybody hear of traffic circulation and adjusted flow?
    That's your DOT working for you.