Friday, December 14, 2012

Landing For Old Rock Pile Beach Steps

Laguna Beach: Rock Pile Beach – Old Steps LandingThe old steps to Rock Pile Beach ended at this rock. The steps never actually went down to the beach. Surfers would jump from the bottom of the steps into the water. The new steps allow you to actually go down to the beach.

Rock Pile Beach waters is still restricted to surfers only.

Note: In a short 7 hours the tide will drop 8.58 feet. That's more than a foot an hour.

02:42 AM 1.74 feet Low Tide
06:48 AM Sunrise
07:59 AM Moonrise
09:01 AM 6.96 feet High Tide
04:14 PM -1.62 feet Low Tide
04:44 PM Sunset
06:40 PM Moonset
10:43 PM 4.21 feet High Tide

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