Monday, December 03, 2012

Laguna Creek

Laguna Beach: Laguna CreekTides:
12:36 AM 3.58 feet High Tide
04:51 AM 2.75 feet Low Tide
06:40 AM Sunrise
10:12 AM Moonset
10:54 AM 4.86 feet High Tide
04:43 PM Sunset
06:19 PM 0.29 feet Low Tide
09:26 PM Moonrise


  1. Hello I would like to contact you to obtain permission or rights to use some of your photos for a digital magazine about Laguna Beach. I cannot reach the email address you have posted.
    Is there another way to contact you a better email? I will watch for a reply to this post.



  2. Well or

    The problem is your user name, SKYE, is to close to the big internet phone site so I probably just saw your user name and hit the delete button.

    Hey, shit happens.