Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's Back

Laguna Beach: Laguna CreekWith the creek back in business you now have to walk around, jump, or just waddle through. I usually jump. I'm usually short. I usually get the feet wet. So why not forget the jump and just waddle through? I need a reason. Failing at the jump is my reason for getting wet.

Nobody said I was smart. I am a photographer after all.

To make things worse I'm writing this post while suffering a bad sinus cold. Already one box of Kleenex down and two to go. Not promising.

12:07 AM 1.09 feet Low Tide
03:45 AM Moonrise
06:19 AM Sunrise
06:31 AM 6.06 feet High Tide
01:18 PM -0.28 feet Low Tide
03:12 PM Moonset
04:50 PM Sunset
07:24 PM 4.36 feet High Tide

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