Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Color Blind?

Laguna Beach: Firebrand MediaThat's the question. Are the people of Firebrand Media color blind?

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  1. Roger E. Butow6:17 AM

    I wondered if it was only me that saw how butt ugly that complex turned out to be. Formerly two units (home to the the Visitor's Bureau & Wachovia), the architectural style was non-descript yet functional anyway, the white paint was dull but unassuming or insulting.
    Now they've drawn attention to its deficiencies with a palette only a mother (or the SIMON publishing empire) could love. They probably think they're hip, I agree with you: They're blind to their own arrogance and sense of entitlement.
    FIREBRAND Media is all about "the bling," the re-creation of a formerly fun & funky surf/art colony town into a glitzy hangout for metrosexuals on their way to the top of the $$$ pyramid.
    I stopped advertising with them because they just promote who they feel shares their shallow superficial values. Most of their magazine and newspaper columns are just thinly disguised, glossy infomercials. Investigative journalism isn't their bailiwick, they just like to advertise those who pay them the most $$$ or who reflect those shallow values..
    They represent big $$$ that's convinced 92651 is the next 90210 (Hollywood). Hence the slick and affected nuances of poseurs. They don't have the usual beach-oriented core values but are subtly brainwashing the residents into converting to theirs.
    And by the way, am I the only one that finds it amusing that although the Visitor's Bureau gets about $700,000+/year from our bed tax they can't find a new home? They're a non-profit propped up by our City, didn't they save any money for a rainy day? Where is all of our $$$ going, what are they spending it on but inflated salaries & junkets to yet more Sister Cities?
    Now they want Cabo San Lucas as a SC---Oh yeah, that's an inexpensive, healthy, safe and phony Disneyland place to visit and those narco-trafficantes need American resorts real bad for their junkets up here!