Thursday, September 20, 2012

Coastal Cleanup Day Preliminary Results Release

Laguna Beach: Clean Water Now!Thanks to all who participated in Laguna Beach.

I have posted some CCD photos at our PICASA account, still waiting for more to come in and get updated volumes/types of trash from Mike Hazzard @ Aliso Beach, 1 mile of lower Aliso Creek & West Street. He told me had about 100 attendees, 40-50+ of my Main Beach committed volunteers went there instead in a mix up.

If you've photos please forward to me only in high resolution JPEG FORMAT…I'll put captions under them when I get all of the pix in.

Orange County

1) Number of Volunteers participating at your events – 3,542
2) Pounds of Trash Removed – 19,115
3) Pounds of Recyclables removed – 1,735
4) Number of volunteers who brought their own reusable supplies - 395
5) Any reports of potential tsunami debris found (if applicable) – Report of 18 plastic bottles and 1 fishing buoy
6) Unusual items - Lobster trap, Underwear, Med marijuana containers, Underwear waistband, Toy soldier, Sock, Melted piggy bank, 2 1960’s Budweiser cans, 2 people picked up 204 cigarette butts in less than 2 hours, 1 Outboard motor, A shower head, 1,005 Cig. Butts, Saw, car door mirror, dead birds, Quad motorcycle, 2x1 gal used oil, Big carpet, 2 smoking pipes, 9 full spray paint cans, Car bumper, Drivers’ License, Garage Door Opener, Valve Box cover.


57,442 Volunteers
534,115 Pounds of Trash
105,816 Pounds of Recyclables
639,931 Total Pounds of Debris
1,244 Miles Cleaned
5,222 Volunteers Brought Their Own Supplies

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