Thursday, September 06, 2012

Beach Fly By

Laguna Beach: Beach DayMain Beach Lift Station Update:
The new Main Beach lift station is in service. Temporary piping connections allow both the new lift station and the old lift station to operate in parallel. The old lift station only receives flow from the Main Beach public restrooms and the Lifeguard Headquarters, but will also function as emergency backup for the new lift station. Both lift stations will continue to operate until the lifeguards move into their temporary facilities on or about September 22, 2012.
01:32 AM 3.28 feet High Tide
06:17 AM 2.38 feet Low Tide
06:29 AM Sunrise
12:13 PM Moonset
01:07 PM 4.73 feet High Tide
07:09 PM Sunset
08:44 PM 1.58 feet Low Tide
10:43 PM Moonrise


  1. Anonymous6:48 AM

    John - seriously, pictures of a flyover when the City parked those hideous trailers on Main Beach? You're our eyes and commentarian on Main Beach happenings.

  2. Roger E. Bütow Clean Water Now!2:27 PM

    Now seriously, there's a really safe way to play sniper, don't divulge your name.
    There was no other alternative, unless, like LBCC Jane Ugly & Toni I, Me, Mine, you think the guards could do their job safely and efficiently, anonymously over 2 seasons from City Hall or Act V.
    John, myself and several others fought to have this done beginning years ago.
    John in fact did some really great photojournalism, he & I divulged to the public that SAVE MAIN BEACH was a bogus (astroturf) non-profit shill. Cindalee Penny-Hall & her petty hubby had a personal grudge against the LBLG, bonded with Inn's GM David Shepard (DS was the VP of the LB Visitor's Bureau) so they formed SMB. You can add Karyn Phillipsen & Judy Biljani to the list too, they used Board time and co-mingled LBVB funds with SMB. And the LBVB is funded by LBCC.
    As for history, LBCC Wayne Baglin & I started collaborating, lobbying back around 2000 to get both the wastewater lift station AND LBLG HQ renovated/replaced/upgraded on a fast track. HQ's roof was actually condemned (and there were internal unhealthy mold conditions) by Cal OSHA back then, basically unihabitable but there wasn't any political will.
    Many former lifeguards piled on, Rob Patterson & Dale Ghere were stellar, but thanks to YOUR City Manager Ken Frank, YOUR LB Visitors Bureau, YOUR seated LBCC ( Phony enviro Jane Ugly, Toni The Red Queen Iseman & Pillage Laguna's Verna Rollinger), plus YOUR VL & SLCA members, and the lawyers from the Inn who kept trying to litigate any rehab, the process got s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d out.
    So it should have been a done deal, over about 4-5 years ago. And it would've cost about $1.5--2 million less--- minimum. So thank those like Howard Hills, Jane Ugly & the LOWV, HH's crony former LBCC Cheryl Kinsman, City Hall egomaniac Stooge Saffer, the City Attorney, City Manager and their ilk for driving Wayne B. from office. They basically "Swift-boated" Wayne B. outta there. It was Wayne B. (then Chairman of the Regional Water Board) NOT City Hall that turned us around regarding sewage spills, water quality, etc.
    That iconic postcard Lifeguard tower? Wayne & I visited it just after it's rehab in the early 2000's, and though new, the basement STILL flooded continually, large rats had moved in, and guess what? In spite of Andy Allison's wonderful efforts back then, it'll need rebuilding very very soon.
    There's plenty of blame to go around---None of it is John's fault. Our lifeguards have endured unbelievable working conditions the past 12+ years, have been political and budget pawns, so go to LBCC if you've got any gripes.

  3. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Roger - Thanks for the deep backgrounder on the situation at Main Beach (very insightful info). Also, my apologies that my original comment came across as sniping at John... it wasn't meant to! Rather, I was surprised because John -- thru his amazing photos -- often calls our attention to the absurd, regardless of how necessary the absurdity may be. All of us who live and work in Laguna are better off because of John's keen eye and commentary.