Monday, August 27, 2012

This Is Unacceptable, Get Off My Sidewalk!

Laguna Beach: Illegal Sidewalk RestaurantThis place is on PCH just south of Thalia St.

Since when can a restaurant use the sidewalk. Chairs and umbrellas are out in the sidewalk. It's probably worse whenever anyone is using the chairs.

Below is the previous owner's arrangement of tables and chairs. Notice they keep generious clearance to the sidewalk. The Umbrellas may be boderline but they don't interferr with this 6'3" walker.

Laguna Beach: Old Arrangement


  1. Roger E. Bütow Clean Water Now!3:39 PM

    It would be very interesting for you to rip a page out of your own Pet Peeves Dept. about cars blocking intersections and/or parking in obviously illegal and haphazard fashions.
    Only start posting photos of the blatant Conditional Use Permit & Commercial Safety Code Violations of our businesses regarding obstruction of sidewalks (easements & encroachments). Chairs, tables, product displays formerly also forbidden by DRB are popping up all over town.
    The photo above is just one of about 30+ I could provide, let's do a walkabout together and then hand the messy package over to the Business Task Force Committee or go into LBCC one night with the evidence!
    You are dedicated to graphically sharing the wrong direction this City is taking----The City is turning a blind eye & deaf ear to violations it would have cited and remedied 6 years ago. Or the owner would wind up in court.
    They'll claim that a poor, tanking economy equals laxity of codes, regulations and restrictions---But the obvious potential for injury leaves the City exposed to negligence lawsuits. It has tacitly (by its silence) condoned if not outright helped business owners go out into Cal-Trans & City property/right-of-way, create physical nuisances that could be great news for an ambulance chaser and client, but cost us thousands to defend, millions of $$$ in the end settlement.
    These incursions are accidents waiting to happen, show bias towards businesses aggressive enough to just push out until stopped, but obstacle courses for pedestrians.
    The City comes down hard on residential water quality violators, why give a free ride to commerce?

  2. Steve S.8:17 AM

    CocaCola umbrellas?!! ...How Tacky!! Most establishment owners choose to "enhance" their businesses not detract them from the sleazy emblazoned slogans and logos that degrade the overall reputation of the establishment.

    Obviously, the encroachment is a real issue too!

  3. Roger E. Butow10:18 AM

    Who said irony died on 9/11?
    On the LBCC docket for Tuesday, 9/04/2012 is an agenda bill regarding making Laguna Canyon Road & PCH more pedestrian friendly....well, wouldn't enforcing the easement and encroachment lines help do that?
    When you add in parking meters, there's NOTHING pedestrian friendly about our sidewalks.
    Many are already under industry standards in width, moms with strollers can't use them, or even pedestrians going in opposite directions can't pass one another without someone jeopardizing their lives by one of them going into the street.
    Both San Pedro & Wilmington recently ripped their meters out because of these types of problems. Mark the curbs, have officers on foot enforce the limits in the downtown and adjacent districts. Then you save on maintenance and employee costs. The meter maid vehicles would ONLY be used during bad weather and/or at the farthest regions of our limits.
    And between the fines and increased business revenue, not to mention a friendlier pedestrian environs plus less pollution from those enforcement carts, the tradeoff would be worth it.
    Aren't the meters DIS-incentives for locals & visitors alike, wouldn't we see increased sales taxes in our coffers to offset whatever lost $$$ from a more lax enforcement? Would our local businesses thrive if we were more amenable, made a major news announcement and promoted this return to marked curbs instead of meters that might as well be marked "SUCKERS, DUMP YOUR QUARTERS!" ???
    Whether visitor or local, people would walk around more, thus open to making purchases and causing less air pollution or getting in accidents constantly foraging for that perfect spot.
    Oh, I get it---That makes too much sense.

    1. Well put Roger.

      What we need now is a couple hack saws.

      John Krill