Saturday, August 11, 2012

Disappearing Act

Laguna Beach: Disappearing ActThis time next year I expect the restroom down by the Lifeguard Headquarters will be gone. So too will the headquarters building.

The difference will be that I will miss the restrooms. That sounds weird but that restroom building is one great looking structure. Compare it to some, if not all, the houses at or near the beach and you will understand. The restroom building doesn't overpower the site. I can't think of one beach house that isn't just a big ugly temple to it's owners.

And you can get some great beach photos from up there.

12:41 AM 1.12 feet Low Tide
12:47 AM Moonrise
06:11 AM Sunrise
07:33 AM 3.17 feet High Tide
11:02 AM 2.88 feet Low Tide
03:14 PM Moonset
05:40 PM 4.96 feet High Tide
07:41 PM Sunset

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